Gas monitors, flame detectors & gas analyzers

UPS, inverters, battery chargers & batteries

Vibration switches, transducers, probes & machinery condition monitors

RTDs, thermocouples, thermowells & temperature transmitters

Purge & pressurization control systems

Industrial grade lightning protection solutions

Gas conditioning products, featuring Nafion dryers & Baldwin coolers

Industrial electric heating & control systems

Air pollution control equipment

HART communicators, averaging pitot tubes, calibrators/digital manometers, differential pressure gauges & transmitters, hand pumps, indicating fluids, laminar flow, manometers, orifice plates & flanges.

Liquid analytical process instrumentation.
Manufacturer's Representative in the Rocky Mountain area specializing in industrial equipment for such industries as:

-Petrochemical, including refineries & pipelines
-Power generation
-Water & wastewater treatment
-Pharmaceutical & chemical manufacturing
-Food & beverage manufacturing
-Aerospace & military

Please see our products page for a listing of our manufacturers and a brief description of their products (or click the logos to the right to be taken directly to their web page), or contact us to discuss your particular needs and applications.
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